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Columbia Baptist Church exists to have “A HEART For Him” and to be “A Place for YOU!”

Our ministries desire to bring Glory to God and impact the lives of those around us, and around the world,

with the good news of Jesus Christ. 

At CBC, we emphasize Helping others, Exalting Jesus, Affirming other’s faith, Reaching the lost, and Teaching the Word of God! We also desire to be a place for YOU! We want our ministries to connect you and your family to Jesus, and also to this family of believers, as we all journey together in our walk with Christ.

Sunday Ministries @ CBC

Sunday Morning Worship: 9am followed by Sunday School.

Nursery & Children's Church are available during
Sunday Morning Worship + Sunday School for all ages!


Sunday Morning Service
9:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship is designed to reach all ages by providing a blend of traditional and contemporary music for our modern day society. Each week God’s word is presented in a way that will impact and equip people and families for where they are today in life. Sunday Morning Service is held in the Worship Center.

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Sunday School
10:00 AM
Kids + Youth + Adults

We have Bible Fellowship classes that meet on Sundays at 10:00 AM. These classes are available for all ages and provide a great opportunity to study the Bible and get to know people on a personal basis. We have classes for all ages-from the youngest child to the oldest adult. At the adult level, we have several different styles of classes so you can find a class just right for you. 

CBC Family Ministries
 & Youth Activities Sunday Night at 6:00pm

Our Missions
CBC present God’s Heart to the Babies, Children, and Youth of Columbia Baptist Church, by providing them with a Safe, Family Based, and God Centered ministry, not only reaching them with the  Gospel of Christ but showing them how it can be applied to their lives.

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Birth - 4 Years Old
Sundays @ 9A, 10A


We provide Nursery during Morning Worship and evening activities, for ages birth – 4yrs. 


During this age children are  transitioning so much, from infant to toddler to preschooler. This is a period of constant discovery for parent and child alike. From the child’s perspective, virtually everything he or she encounters – from the most mundane task to the most unique occurrence – is happening for the first time. Because of this we strive to lovingly embrace the changes in every child’s life always pointing back to the love and grace of Jesus.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade
Sundays @ 9A, 10A, 6pm


Kids from Kindergarten to 5th Grade fall under our CBC Kids ministry.  We offer Children's Church, Bible Study, and a special Sunday evening program.

Our goal at this age is to help kids understand the basic principles of faith in God. These include: Who is God? Who is Jesus? What is the Gospel? 


Jesus tells us to build our houses on the rock so that our homes withstand the storms that come. The unique thing at CBC is we seeks to show families who the rock is by empowering them to embrace the gospel at home along with church. We do this through providing a ministry to kids that some what parallels what the adults are learning. A example of this is our Children's Church Series are almost identical to what is being taught to the adults. We do this so parents and child can interact and grow together in Gods word. 

6th-12th Grade
Sun @ 9A, 10A, 6pm


CBC Youth Underground is for Middle School and High Schoolers. We are the Underground because we are in the basement. For youth we offer a worship time on Sunday nights, bible studies Sunday morning, and loads of activities through out the year.


Talk about a interesting age.  We have Middle Schoolers who are discovering who they are and what that might mean for their future. So with them we try to help them as they work out this  new found identity, and help them point that identity toward Christ and His vision for their lives. Allowing them to grow while helping them to discover what that growth means.


Then we have High Schoolers, a time where teens are starting to become young adults. This is a crucial time where teaching them to be disciples is our  priority. We focus on things like apologetics and teaching them to defend and share their faith as they prepare to go out into the work place or continued education. It’s a hard time as parents are training their children to be independent and self-sufficient. And we want to stand by parents by helping them do the same thing with their faith.


Men's Ministry
Prayer Breakfast
Tuesdays @ 7:00 AM

Our desire is to reach out to the men in our community through specially designed events that we believe will be engaging, and encouraging. Through these fellowships we hope to create lasting relationships which earn us the opportunity to equip and edify the men of CBC and Columbia.

Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry here at Columbia Baptist Church has many rolls. 

Preparing meals for those in need, helps with Operation Christmas Child, Angel Tree, and other ministries, as well as promoting the Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong, and Eliza Broadus Offerings.  

Our Women's Ministry also continues to lift each other up while joining together in praying for those in need. 

life groups.jpg

Life Groups
Join a CBC Life Group  

To join a Life Group, contact the church office or Randy@



B-Build up

C-Christ Centered

Experience fellowship and Spiritual growth while encouraging one another with the love and mercy of Jesus.

CBC Life Groups will make a way for you to strengthen your walk with Jesus through the study His word.

CBC Life Groups will create a place in your life where you can build up friendships and connect with new friends!!


Do you have questions about the Christian faith? What do Christians mean when they use words like sin and the Gospel? Why does it matter that Jesus rose from the dead? Find answers to those questions by watching this video.

CBC Community Service,
Projects and Events.

CBC reaches out to our Community,
our County
and across the World.

CBC Supports Joy Ministries with food and donations.

CBC Operation
Christmas Child.
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