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The "Kingdom Legacy" refers to the idea of leaving behind a permanent impact on the world that aligns with the values of God's Kingdom. By building with this theme in mind, our desire as a church is to not just build a building but to be committing ourselves to leave a positive, lasting impression on the community we are called to reach. This project will serve as a testament to the values of our church and our dedication to serving others, now and for generations to come. By focusing on creating a "Kingdom Legacy,"  Our church hopes to make a difference in the world and to spread the message of God's love to all those who we encounter. Our desire is that this building project will grow our opportunity as servants here in Columbia, Ky and Adair County.

Take a look at the future of CBC!

The vision for CBC and The Kingdom Legacy will include:

We will renovate the new Preschool and children’s area by updating the classrooms, and create a clean and modern environment for the CBC Preschool. 



There will be a “Modern Welcome Center”, Including a small Coffee Shop that will be open for business during the week. There will also be an indoor playground that will minister to the children and their parents. We are excited to share a place for our community that creates a place for study, fellowship and more opportunities to share the love of Christ. 



There will be Christian Life Center connected to our facility that will build up our youth, and encourage outreach programs to all ages in our local community. 



Check out the plans!

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