The mission of Columbia Baptist Church is to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, with all of our souls, and with all of our minds, and to love our neighbors as ourselves so that others will see our HEART for Him.
H – Helping others through ministry.
E – Exalting Christ through worship.
A – Affirming others through fellowship.
R – Reaching others through evangelism.
T – Teaching believers through discipleship
Get to know everyone that helps make Columbia Baptist Church the best that it can be on our staff page.
Don’t know what to expect when visiting Columbia Baptist Church?  Here are a few common questions people have asked in the past.
Columbia Baptist Church affirms the Baptist Faith and Message (2000).  Find more information about what our church believes and how it is structured here.
Columbia Baptist Church has been around since 1827.  Find out more details about the church on our history page.


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