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The Pastor’s Painted Toenails

What color should I wear?  Green, Red, or Gold?  Having one’s toenails painted surely requires serious thought and deliberation.   What will people say about the pastor having painted toenails?  After all, that just doesn’t seem right, does it?

Well I guess for the sake of those who don’t know the pastor has been given a challenge.  Once the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes are stacked as high as he is, the pastor has to preach barefooted!!!!  So, as the pastor, I accepted the challenge.  So where does the painted toenails come in?  Well, one of the deacons wanted to see the pastor’s toenails painted so I told the deacon, if he is man enough to paint my toenails in front of the congregation, I am man enough to let him do it, so the challenge is on!!!!

Now I don’t believe the pastor having painted toenails will help his preaching any, but it sure will make for some interesting conversations around town no doubt.  Operation Christmas Child provides you and me with the wonderful opportunity of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ around the world.  The church goal this year is 6oo boxes, 200 to be filled on November 11th at the packing party, and 400 from individuals and families within the church.  Additionally, a small group from the church will travel to Charlotte, NC on Friday, November 27th to help in one of the Operation Christmas Child processing centers.

Only eternity will reveal how your individual shoe box or boxes touched lives for Jesus.  May the Lord be glorified in all that we do.  May our hearts be filled with His joy and excitement as we serve through Operation Christmas Child.

Now let’s get busy and bring those shoe boxes in.  After all, I can’t wait to get my toenails painted for such a great cause!!!!