Future Events

What does the future hold?  The answer to that question has many answers.  In seeking to answer that question it is necessary to examine it from numerous levels.  First, on a personal level; what does the future hold for you and me? The future holds both blessings and trials.  It has been said that God is more interested in shaping our character than in our comfort.  God’s goal based upon Scripture is to mold us into the image of His Son, Jesus.  Christ was obedient even unto death, death on the cross.  So our personal future holds both blessing and suffering for the cause of Christ.

What does the future hold for the unregenerate world?  Judgment!  God’s just judgment.  What future event will result in the one-fourth of the human population being wiped out?  Will it be the sun burning out?  No.  Will it be the result of an asteroid striking the earth?  Could be a part.  Can you imagine one-quarter of the world’s population being wiped out in a matter of hours or days?  As of the writing of this article according to www.worldometers.info/world- population, the current global population is over 7.3 billion people.  Should the events that the Bible foretells occur today, that means more than 1.825 billion people would be wiped out.  But is this future event really going to happen?  Absolutely!!!  If you have ever wondered about the four horsemen of the apocalypse then come and learn on Wednesday night Bible Study.

Future events for the true believer and follower of Jesus will ultimately end in glory!!!  Praise God!!!  But for the unrepentant, the future holds God’s just judgment upon sin.  The sad part about it is God provided a way of pardon and forgiveness through the sacrificial death of His Son, Jesus upon the Cross.  Jesus bore the wrath of God upon sin, but for all who willfully refuse God’s grace and forgiveness through Christ Jesus, there is no other option for them but to bear God’s wrath for themselves.  Why do people choose to perish eternally rather than live eternally in Heaven?

The future is bright for God’s children.  Surrender your life and heart to Jesus today and live!