Sunday Worship –  9:00 a.m. & 6:30 p.m.

Sunday Morning Worship is designed to reach all ages by providing a blend of traditional and contemporary music for our modern day society. Each week God’s word is presented in a way that will impact and equip people and families for where they are today in life. Sunday Morning Service is held in the Worship Center.

-Nursery, Toddlers Church & Children’s Church is available during Worship and Sunday School-


What should I wear when I attend?

Some who attend are comfortable in casual attire while others are more comfortable with more traditional clothing. Please feel free to come “as you are.”


What about Bible Study classes?

We have Bible Fellowship classes that meet on Sundays at 10:00 AM. These classes are available for all ages and provide a great opportunity to study the Bible and get to know people on a personal basis. We have classes for all ages-from the youngest child to the oldest adult. At the adult level, we have several different styles of classes so you can find a class just right for you.  On Wednesday evenings there are both an adult Bible Study at 6:30pm.


What denomination is Columbia Baptist Church?

Our church is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. The Southern Baptist Convention consists of approximately 40,000 churches that cooperate together in a world-wide effort of missions. It is the largest association of Christian churches in Kentucky and in America. One out of every 10 churches in America is affiliated with the SBC (40,000 churches and 15 million members – more than most other denominations combined).


How can I become a member?

There are three basics ways you can become a church member.

  • By making a first-time commitment to Christ and then being baptized.
  • By transferring your church membership from another Baptist church if you have already made a first-time commitment to Christ and have been baptized by immersion.
  • By a statement of faith followed by immersion baptism for those from a different Christian tradition.