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The Comparison Game
What’s your favorite brand of apples?  Do you like red or green grapes?  Which is better…skim milk or 2%?  Is the Nike brand better than Adidas?  Who is the best solo singer ever?  What year did Kentucky have their best basketball team?  Do you prefer McDonald’s or Wendy’s?  Who’s the best pastor CBC has ever had?  (Don’t answer that one!)  If you’re going to answer honestly, all of these questions force you to compare something with something else.  Whether it is food, sports, or entertainment, we all have opinions on which one of something is the best.  Sometimes, we even like to compare churches or even the rate at which one Christian has grown in their walk with Christ as opposed to another believer.

So, what do all these comparisons really prove?  Is there any value in saying something is better than another?  At the end of the day, all comparisons are a matter of opinion.  We can argue, debate, analyze and compare until the cows come home, but nearly all comparisons are meaningless.  You may like skim milk, red grapes, and Nike shoes, and the next person may enjoy whole milk, green grapes with seeds and Adidas.  Those evaluations are truly only important to the person and their preferences.  Whenever we compare churches and Christians with each other, some may have a lot to brag about, while others may not.  Does that make one better than the other?  Some churches do the best they can with the resources they have, and some Christians struggle with some areas more so than you might.  Paul told the church that all of the “good things” in his life meant nothing, because all he cared about was knowing Jesus.  We may have plenty of things to brag about in comparing ourselves to others, but all that really matters is whether or not we know Jesus.  Even if you think you have a lot to be proud of, be most satisfied by knowing Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord! 

Pastor Randy Johnson



On Saturday, March 23, the church will be hosting a NIGHT OF MADNESS at 5PM. Join us for a night of fun watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament, a wing eating contest, and a chili cook-off. This will be a great time of fun and fellowship for everyone. If you are interested in participating in the wing eating contest or the chili cook-off please sign up in the Welcome Center.
Due to Spring Break, the College Ministry will not be meeting this Sunday, March 17.
March – toothbrushes
The AAEO supports church planters and missionaries all across North America. Join us as we pray for and support these essential ministry workers that seek to grow the kingdom and share God’s love and mercy with everyone. The goal for the offering is $2,500. Support this and other mission offerings by designating your gift to CBC’s On Mission Fund.
If you were unable to participate in the Directory photos and would be interested in a makeup session, please contact the office. We need at least 10 families to schedule a makeup session.
Columbia Baptist has begun a partnership with a new church plant in the Chicagoland area. Led by NAMB missionaries Bryan and Marci Coble, the church is named Sow Chicago. They’re goal is to reach the people of the Irving Park area of Chicago. The area is one of the most heavily diverse communities in the city with 77,000 people in a 2 mile radius.  However, there are no SBC churches and only about 2% are evangelical Christians. Pastor Aaron is planning a youth mission trip to support Bryan and Marci this summer. Please begin to pray for this new church and for the hearts of the people in that community to be open to gospel. A portion of the donations to the new “On Mission” Fund will go to support this mission.
Thank you for the many acts of kindness you expressed to our family during the most recent illness and passing of my father. Your thoughts, prayers, and expressions of sympathy and condolences were greatly appreciated.   “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” (Matt. 5:4) You provided much comfort to us during our time of sorrow and we feel so grateful and humbled by all the support we received. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness during this very difficult time. With heartfelt thanks, The Family of John William Glass; Mark, Denise, Nick, Natalie, Matt, Preslee
The LWC Singers will be here at Columbia Baptist on Thursday, March 21 at 7pm. Everyone is invited!


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Sunday, March 17
9:00am – Morning Service
After Svc – Sunday School
4:15pm – Team Kids
5:30pm – Youth Group
6:30pm – Evening Service
Tuesday, March 19
7:00am Men’s Prayer Breakfast
10:30am Women’s PrayerLink
Wednesday, March 20
6:30pm – Adult Bible Study
Thursday, March 21
1:00pm – Jail Ministry
7:00pm – LWC Singers


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