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John 1:2-3

John 1:2-3, “He was in the beginning with God.  All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.”


This is a great verse that builds on the previous one.  John 1:1 proves that Jesus is God, yet He is distinct from the Father.  John 1:2 reminds us that Jesus was there in the beginning with God and leads us into verse 3.  John 1:3 is perhaps one of the most significant verses for apologetics.  Jesus made everything and there was nothing made that He didn’t make.

Think about the logic of that for a minute.  If Jesus was not eternally the Son of God, that would mean that at one time He was created.   However, John 1:3 says that Jesus made everything that was made.  So if Jesus was created at one point in time, John 1:3 would be false.  The Bible clearly teaches that since Jesus made everything that was made, Jesus himself could not have been made.  Therefore, Jesus is eternally the Son of God.  This single verse disproves nearly all heretical cults.

All heretical cults have some sort of strange view of Jesus.  Mormons think Jesus is another god.  Jehovah’s Witnesses think that Jesus is Michael the archangel.  Both of them and others are disproved by this single verse.  Jesus is eternally God.  Jesus always was the Son of God and always will be the Son of God.  It is important to know and memorize verses like these, which are extremely useful while witnessing to members of cults.  When the JW or Mormon knocks on the door, ask them to explain these verses and watch them jump through hoops to avoid the obvious implication.

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